Current Version 8.4

Short Cuts

In this blog we will demonstrate the use of short cut keys when using the RD Forms Designer. 

Our RD web site is at http://localhost/dbnetrd.



(1) Complete the Hello World exercise and have your responsive design web site ready at http://localhost/dbnetrd. 

(2) Complete the Resource Files exercise.

Your developer tools are at: http://localhost/dbnetrd?ac=dev 

Your RD web site's physical folder is at: c:\inetpub\wwwroot\dbnetrd

Your theme file is at c:\inetpub\wwwroot\dbnetrd\res\demo\css\demo.css



Utilise the well-known copy and paste short cut keys (Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) as well as some specific RD short cuts.


Amend your hello world page

Navigate to http://localhost/dbnetrd?ac=dev (tab 1)

Open the RD Form Designer from the menu (opens in new tab; tab 2)

Select File > Work Folder and select folder "demo".

Select File > Open and open demo-world page by selecting "world" from the list.

Press Alt-A to trigger the Save As function. Enter "newWorld" in the File Name field. Click Save.

Click the HTML element (the HTML text that reads "world") on your page. Press Ctrl-C. Press Ctrl-V.

Note that the form element has been duplicated.

Press Ctrl+P. The element properties form opens.

Note that a new element id has been applied to the new form element. (In a real example you may want to assign your own id as this makes the form data link process easier).

Press Alt-R and add a Title to your new page. Click OK.

Press Alt-S to save the change to your new page.

Press Alt-L to publish the page.


Summary of short cut keys used in this blog

We have used these short cuts:

Short Cut keys Equivalent Menu Option Comment
Alt-A Save As Save a page under a new name
Ctrl-C   Copy the highlighted string
Ctrl-V   Paste the copied string
Ctrl+P Properties Opens the form element properties
Alt-R [Page]Properties Opens the page properties
Alt-S Save Saves the page
Alt-L Publish Publishes the page


Test Point

In a new Chrome browser TAB navigate to http://localhost/dbnetrd?dbpage=demo-newworld

You should see the new field containing "Lorem ipsum". In order to populate this field with the desired data you would need to use the Form Data Link option.


Review Available Short Cuts 

Exercise the various menu options and note that there are many short cut key sequences shown. Available short cut keys are documented in the Responsive Design Reference Manual.