Current Version 8.4

Responsive Design Form Samples


Resource Files

The sample forms require the installation of the dbdemo site pages and the dbdemo resource files. These may be downloaded here and need to be copied into the appropriate folders of your Responsive Design website.



Responsive Design sample forms are included in the full download of DesignBais. They can be accessed from the DBINET.DEMO account.

The start form for the default user dbnetuser in the DBINET.DEMO account is DBDEMO_DEMO. This form displays a list of the DesignBais Demo Forms. Select the Responsive Design form DBDEMO_RDDEMO which has a dropdown list of RD sample forms.

You should configure your http://localhost/dbnet?ac=dev to start with this form. DBINET.DEMO contains the forms and records for the sample pages.



Running a Sample Form

Navigate to http://localhost/?ac=dev. From the top menu option Account Selection select account DBINET.DEMO.

The start form in the DBINET.DEMO account displays a list of DesignBais Demo Forms. The Responsive Design form [DBDEMO_RDDEMO] can be used to run sample Responsive Design forms. Click the Form Name column to run this form.

Select a sample form from the Page dropdown list. The description of the sample form is displayed. The two buttons Run Form and Data Link allow you to view the form details.

Run Form runs the sample form.

Data Link opens the Form Data Link maintenance form to allow you to view how an RD form is linked to the database.

The Responsive Design Forms Designer option on the developer side menu of DesignBais will allow you to open this form to examine how the form is put together. Remember to change your Work Folder to dbdemo and before attempting to open the sample page.

Forms suitable for access from our web site may be accessed from dbdemo-home

Available Sample Forms

The list of sample forms is shown below. This list is an example of a Responsive Design Table. The table feature of RD emulates the Multivalue Grid feature of DesignBais non-RD forms.


Page Description Page Name Full Description

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